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Conesus Cemetery Association


c/o Norm Sparks
6176 Elm Street
Conesus, NY 14435


Meetings are held annually at 7:00PM on the last Wednesday of February at the Conesus United Church, 6199 South Livonia Road.

Alger Cemetery

Rowland Road 

Susan Gates, Secretary/Treasurer
Phone:  585-346-2729

G. Arnold Cemetery

Elm Street

Brenda Eddy, Secretary
Phone:  585-732-9748 

Jean Sparks, Treasurer
Phone:  585-346-5581

McMillan Cemetery

Route 15 Hamlet Center

MaryAnn Stoltman, Secretary/Treasurer
Phone:  585-346-5573 

Union Cemetery

West Swamp Rd (Rte 256)
Near Scottsburg

John Putney, Secretary/Treasurer
Phone:  585-335-2205