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Conesus Fire Department

Meeting Schedule:

Meetings are held at the Fire Hall at 6073 S. Livonia Rd. (at the intersection with Federal Rd.), on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM

Important Dates:

Regular Meetings: Second Wednesday of each Month at 07:00PM, Fire Hall 

District Elections: Second Tuesday in December, 6PM – 9PM, Fire Hall 

District Budget Public Hearing: Third Tuesday in October, 7PM, Fire Hall-

Conesus Fire District #1

The Conesus Fire District is a municipality established under New York State Law, with geographic borders coincident with those of the Town of Conesus.  The Fire District is governed by a publicly elected Board of Commissioners, with finances managed by a publicly elected treasurer.  The District’s mission is to provide Fire Protection, Rescue and related Emergency Services to the greater Conesus community.  The Board of Commissioners is authorized to levy taxes on real property in the district; this levy is itemized in the Town and County Property Tax Bill received in January of each year as ‘Fire District #1’.  This tax money goes for purposes including: 

  • Maintaining our Fire Hall including utilities and debt service. 
  • Providing, equipping and maintaining firefighting vehicles – three fire trucks and one rescue vehicle 
    Providing general liability for all firefighting and related activities 
  • Providing insurance coverage on district assets including sickness and accident coverage for firefighters. 

Commissioner terms of office are for 5 calendar years, staggered such that one term expires each year.  A treasurer is elected every three years for a term of three calendar years. 

(The Conesus Volunteer Fire Department, an independent non-governmental organization, is the entity that actually delivers these emergency services, providing countless hours in training, community support, and most importantly, first-line emergency services.  Fire Department fundraising activities further support the District with equipment ranging from radios and hand tools to major purchases such as the state-of-the-art airboat and rescue vehicles.)

Official Newspaper/District Communications:

Official communications are posted in the Legal Notices section of the Livingston County News, and when provided by the District to the Conesus Town Clerk, listed in the news section of the official Town Website. 

Board Members

Conesus Fire District #1 Board Members