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Conesus Inlet Trail Featured Image

Conesus Inlet Trail

Conesus Inlet WMA is bounded on the west by West Swamp Road (State Route 256), on the east by East Swamp Road, on the south by Guiltner Road, and on the north by Conesus Lake.

  • Beginning at the parking area/kiosk on Sliker Hill Road, proceed straight ahead (north) past the STOP sign on the mowed trail. 
  • After a short walk, you will turn  right to enter the half mile long meadow. Once inside the meadow, you may turn right for a long walk around the meadow, or left for a shorter path to the bridge, boardwalk, and observation deck.
  • As you leave the meadow at the north end, you will cross a pedestrian bridge and turn right through the woods. The woods trail leads to the boardwalk and observation deck overlooking Conesus Lake.
  • Retrace your path through the woods, bearing to the left just before the canal to a mowed trail that runs behind the homes on Dacola Shores Road. 
  •  Turn right onto the road shoulder trail on the east side of Dacola Shores Road.  
  • Turn right onto the mowed trail on Sliker Hill Road.  
  • The parking area is just ahead.  We hope that you enjoyed the trail.  Come back soon!


5656 Sliker Hill Rd, Conesus, NY 14435

Opening hours

M-F: 8:30AM - 4:45PM